Business Consultancy & Advisory Services

Encouraging Enterprise

Recoup Training is able to offer tailored business, consulting and advisory services. Regardless of the size of your business we are highly skilled and experienced in developing pragmatic and scalable improvement opportunities specifically designed to drive effectiveness and efficiency. 

Quite often businesses overlook the importance of engaging a consultant (mentor), especially in the early stages of their business' evolution.   The experience and knowledge we can pass on at critical points in a business life cycle can be essential in whether your business makes the leap from being a small enterprise to a dynamic growing business. 

At Recoup, we help our clients understand the importance of establishing a strong business structure and tactical operational processes that will ensure the longevity and the success of their business. We use innovative methods to unlock your business’s hidden potential and steer you to success. 

We help organisations across the private, public, and social sectors to create the change that matters. We have always helped our clients identify and set the direction toward their most important goals.  Today, we go further: working together to turn these ambitious goals into reality. 

To date we have on-going long term projects with various businesses, from non-profit and social enterprises and charities to large private sector companies.