We 'excite, engage, embed' learning to maximise impact.

How do we do it


Recoup has developed a comprehensive portfolio of educational products based around practical skills.  This dynamic leading-edge portfolio continues to evolve in order to keep pace with the ever-changing and increasingly challenging modern business environment.   

Our courses have been designed to meet the needs of many different types of businesses, from Micro SME's to large Limited Companies working in any sector of the economy. 

Recoup can delivers knowledge, skills and performance by providing easy to implement practical skills and industry knowledge that fit seamlessly into any working environment.   

What is it all about?


We offer a diverse range of knowledge across the following subjects:


· Business & Management

· Business Process Modelling 

· Credit Consultancy Process

· Optimising Supply Chains

· Risk Management

· Lean Thinking

· Leadership

· Debt Collection

· International Debt Collection

· Professional Telephone Calls 

· Written Communications for business

· Modern Slavery 

· Supply Chain 

Developed by industry experts


Our training is designed to create a stimulating learning environment which encourages reflection, sharing of best practice and personal development. 

We offer a range of modules designed to introduce innovative concepts, develop technical understanding and illustrate current practice in specific core tasks which are fundamental in any business’ survival.    


We understand that when new skills are applied immediately, and repeatedly in the workplace the retention of those newly acquired practical skills will increase substantially a company’s productivity and profits.